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It's a fast world. Those words keep rolling around in my head. You probably know the feeling. It's hard to keep up with anything anymore! That's why this garden bench is such a great project. I did it for the Southern Pine Awareness Network as part of our 2009 campaign to promote awareness. The plans were provided by Southern Living magazine. It's not only a great excuse to spend a little quality time with power tools, it's a perfect place to "sit a spell" when you're done. Let me know how you like it! [more..]
Custom House Design is taken to an altogether different level by Spokane, Washington-based design firm Great House Design. Functional, cost effective and specially designed to cater to your specific sensibilities, the designs generated by this leading firm of designers are of the highest quality. While Great House Design has a whole range of stock plans on which it can base the plan for your house, its experts also have the background and knowledge to adapt these plans to your needs, or to generate completely new custom house design plans that cater completely to your requirements.While their portfolio hosts a stock of already executed custom house design plans for projects ranging from 34,000 square foot mansions to simple and elegant homes, their experts can easily generate special plans just for you. So whether, you want a custom house design plan based on a design that already exists or an all new design, Great House Design has the background and expertise to take care of your needs.In addition, Great House Design is known for the quality of the custom house design plans it generates. Through [more..]
A one minute demonstration on how to make a Lily out of paper and pipe cleaners. This simple, inexpensive craft would be great for Easter Lilies. Visit for written instrucitons and photos. [more..]
While designing a home one of the most critical parameter to be considered is the floor. The home design ideas for the floors have come up a long way and the traditional style floors are now being modified. People these days are now not only concerned with the durability but also need looks for their home floors. Home Design Ideas and Tips for Floors * Before installing one need to set the budget because there are floorings that are costly but some economical type floor ideas are also available. Depending on the amount of investment the type of fabric and installing charges can be easily judged. * Another thing to be considered is the type and material to be used. People have been found using wood, tiles, granites, marbles, ceramics and many other fabrics for different sections of their home. Popular home design ideas for the floors include multiple construction materials. The commonly installed floorings include: * Hardwood type floors are one of those which are always in fashion. This kind of floor makes use of various types of hardwoods like oak, pine, cherry, maple, walnut and cinnamon [more..]
Are you a father-to-be who is expecting your first child very soon? And are you confused about what to gift your wife on that special day? Well! Here is the answer. You can present her with beautiful flower bouquet made of yellow roses. Yellow roses symbolize joy and gladness. Gift her a stunning flower bouquet and I’m sure she’ll not just love the flower bouquet but also the thought behind it. I tell this from my personal experience. I gifted yellow roses to my wife soon after she had delivered our daughter, and I still remember the look of joy on her face. She just couldn’t stop beaming with pride looking at the baby and the flower bouquet. This is really going to be a memorable occasion for both of you. So don’t miss the opportunity to express your love for her. Long stem rosesrender the freshness and the novelty within it. What better way to express your feelings than these beautiful roses? Gifting a flower bouquet of long stem roses is an unspoken way of expressing the feeling of pride and joy you feel at the moment. These flower arrangements will speak volumes of your love. Yellow [more..]
The ideal home becomes a reality with Great House Design Home Plans. These home plans developed by Great House Design are all beautiful and will make any homeowner proud and yet are completely functional, practical and costs reasonably. The Great House Design team has developed an impressive stock of over 9100 home plans based on the International Residential Code [IRC] which also enabled it to engage in international projects in such diverse markets as South Korea and New Zealand other than numerous projects across the U.S. Many of these home plans have been developed using state-of-the-art computer technology. As a result, the home plans are precise and detail oriented and have been praised by contractors, sub-contractors and building department officials. For the hard-working, discriminating, knowledgeable individuals who want to have the control to design and build their ideal home, Great House Design home plans is a significant step in achieving that goal.The various architectural styles of its home plans attest to the extensive knowledge and expertise of the Great House Design team. Whether one's preferences are traditional, Tudor or Victorian architectural styles or [more..]
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