Naturally Grown Gardens

CAST Lighting low-voltage Area/Path Lights may be converted to LED using the CAST LED Retrofit Kit (CRA1). This video demonstrates the simple procedure. [more..]
Garden arbors have become a very popular landscape feature that thousands of homeowners are opting to include in their gardens. If you have the ability, you can design your own trademark arbors. Or, if you are lacking in design talent, plans are readily available at most building centers for constructing garden arbors. Only a small workshop space and basic tools will be required for this endeavor. Establishing alliances with architects and landscape designers will enable you to capture the custom made-to-order arbor market or you can opt to put standard arbors that not just attract the visitors but also add the charm and beauty in your garden. Various vinyl arbor decorators provide attractive garden arbor that can be a fabulous addition to your yard. As a leading manufacturer of premium vinyl arbor kits, these decorators have served the new construction and attractive garden arbor in the markets since very long time. Today, most people want their arbors to be different. That's why these professional decorators offer a broad selection of both flat-top pergolas and classically inspired arched arbors for any home style. The creative and innovative decorators introduced a new line of high-quality solid rafter planter box. Pergolas have a [more..]
Are you looking for good garden design advice in Tucson, Arizona? Perhaps some of the best advice is on how to prevent the spread of destructive pests in your garden! This article will provide you with garden design tips that will help you cultivate and protect your crops. Whether you're looking to grow edible plants or beautiful flowers, the following information will be beneficial to you. Garden Design Advice for Tucson: Raise Companion Plants That Thwart the Spread of Destructive Pests: Dills for cabbages. The number one enemy of plants belonging to the cabbage family is the cabbageworm. These tiny creatures bore holes into the cabbage plants, making them useless for consumption or trading. Dills are plants that attract Tachinid flies that feed on cabbageworms and their eggs. Dills are known to be permanent solutions to the problems caused by unwanted cabbageworms. Tomatoes for cabbages. Some moths feed on cabbage foliage as well, creating the same problems as those brought on by cabbageworms. Worse, moths produce larvae at such a rapid pace that a full-blown invasion is almost always inevitable. By growing tomatoes near your cabbage plants will help you deter moths. [more..]
Many people would love to be able to do some gardening, however, maybe because of climate or housing conditions, do not have the opportunity to do it. Imagine living where the weather outside would kill your favourite plants or you live 20 stories high above the ground in a high rise flat. This is where indoor gardening comes into its own. Indoor gardening does not always relate to gardening inside a house, it can mean gardening in a greenhouse or lean-to setting within a garden, these are the most common kind of indoor gardening . This though is not always available to everyone, so I consider indoor gardening as relating to having more than one plant, being grown within a home. To many, this will be several large pots placed in a warm area within the home. The area chosen will have to do with the kind of plants that are being grown. Growing plants in pots is an especially good idea for certain kinds of plants such as cherry tomatoes, that do not grow too large.One great indoor gardening idea is for a small herb garden. The best place for this is in the kitchen close to a window [more..]
An ideal row crop planter, the 1001-B is a tool that takes the guesswork out of planting any row crop. Here's how it works: install one of the precision seed plates that best fits your seed, then adjust the depth of planting on the ground opener, and then set your 36â? long row marker for the desired width, then fill the vegetable seed hopper with seeds, then begin pushing in your well tilled soil, thatâ??s it. The results will speak for themselves when days later you look at your garden and see all the row crops come out of the ground at the same time; perfect, making you the envy of all gardeners who donâ??t have the 1001-B garden seed planter. Standard Seed plates included with the 1001-B are: * 18100 sweet corn * 18101 radish, leeks, spinach * 18102 carrots, lettuce, turnips * 18103 beans, small peas * 18104 Jumbo peas * 18105 beets, okra, swiss chard Optional Seed Plate Kit contains: * 18108 Light Carrot * 18109 Broccoli * 18110 Cucumbers * 18112 Popcorn * 18124 Lima beans * 18106 Blank vegetable seed plate for you to custom make one yourself. 1001-B vegetable garden seeder plants at precise [more..]
As the very phrase suggests, home improvement refers to the process of making change to your home to improve the way it looks. Remodelling your home can be an exciting transformation. Whether you are remodelling the inside or the outside of the home, when the project is complete you will most likely feel as if you have moved into a new home. Home improvement tasks can be performed by Professional contractors, Professional tradesmen, Handy men and if you want to cut cost and headache to call contractor then Self is the best option.Maintaining the exterior of a home can improve the functionality and efficiency, as well increase curb appeal. Exterior home improvement includes:- Weathervanes/ Lighting Projection - Exterior Siding - Chimneys - Foundation - Roofing - Windows and Doors - Driveways Pathways - Rain Removal Systems - EntryWhile many people do minor repairs and interior remodelling jobs, they often hesitate about doing exterior remodelling or renovating. There's not really a big difference between the interior and exterior of your home except for the size of the DIY jobs. But a higher risk is associated with exterior home improvement project, that is why it costs high to us. Whether you want [more..]