Naturally Grown Gardens

The latest studies show that in the U.S. there are more than 30 million acres of lawn, making grass our #1 irrigated crop. In these days when conservation-of natural resources and your personal resources-is all the rage, now is a good time to consider some alternatives that will save time, money and energy. A landscape with a design for low maintenance can easily be yours. And it doesn't have to come at the cost of a bland, boring yard. All it takes is some knowledge about the right plants and techniques."With a design for low maintenance, the goals are basically the same as for any other landscape design, except we focus on using materials that reduce the Big Four of ongoing maintenance: watering, trimming, weeding and mulching," says Jeff Halper, landscape design specialist with Exterior Worlds.Design for Low Maintenance: Actions and Choices? Choose drought-resistant plants, like pampas grass, Plumbago, and Lantana. You might even choose older rose varieties, which are hardier than modern large-flowered hybrids.? Avoid plants that need continuous pruning, like boxwood and dwarf yaupons (often used in hedges).? Stay away from plants, such [more..]
A great method for enhancing your garden is to install a water feature such as a fountain or garden pond. These enhancements are both soothing and visually pleasing. Adding a water feature can be quite easy, relatively inexpensive, and will add significantly to the ambiance of your backyard.I have discovered that there is very little that is more relaxing than resting on a bench in my backyard garden retreat and listening to the tranquil sound of my garden fountain while I read the newspaper or just close my eyes and "chill". Fountains and water features are most often added for the aesthetic and audible peacefulness . they furnish. It is incredible how just being in the presence of an active water feature provides a healthy positive energy. Are you involved in the practice of Tai Chi or some other form of yoga or introspection? The constant sound of flowing water is precisely what many people need to enable them to focus on spiritual pursuits. Indeed, just being in a garden with an active water fountain provides a meditative experience, even if you're not particularly trying [more..]
Gardening can be a great hobby, enjoyed informally by tending to a few plants in your yard on the weekends. Some people, however, want to create something bigger, a true garden where they try to demonstrate the green thumb that they possess. In these cases, it helps to have a plan for your home garden design so you can create something that has a little more definition that the average flowerbed. Home garden design can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, and a great home garden design can be a guide to working on a beautiful garden.What Kind of Garden?In order to better focus your efforts at home garden design, you should start by getting an idea of what sort of garden you want to have. Are you looking to grow fresh herbs and vegetables for your family to eat? Then your home garden design is going to be more concerned with the crops you plan to grow in your garden. Do you want something that's beautiful to behold? Then your plans will be more concerned with planting groupings [more..]
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For every home, a garden is not just an extension of one's home, but a place to relax, unwind and soak up the nature. A beautifully contoured landscape, blooming flowers and just spending restful hours in the midst of beauty is what every homeowner yearns for. Gardening can definitely become a passion; when you get to pick your very own fresh vegetables and fruits. Although there are landscaping firms who can take care of your backyard just as well; but you could end up paying thousands of dollars just to recarpet a lawn and perhaps a little more to maintain it. It is especially important for the beginner gardener to choose the right types of plants, determine the spot in the backyard where the garden needs to be designed; select the right garden space, adopt appropriate techniques to take care of one's plants in the backyard and much more. Pre-plan each and every step before setting up your backyard garden, so it becomes a fun filed adventure rather than a nightmarish ritual. Research and AnalyzeThe first step is to evaluate the maintenance needs of your [more..]
Chicken coop layouts should be designed correctly. After all, you cannot finish your mini-construction project successfully if you are following the wrong plans. Chicken coop layouts and plans should be appropriate to what exactly you have in mind. There are no generic plans or designs for chicken houses as each chicken breeder will have different number of chickens, different locations, different breeds and different aims. To choose the right layout for what you have in mind, here are some tips: 1. Can the plan accommodate the number of chickens you're going to have? If you're going to have more than 12 chickens, you cannot simply choose simple, backyard designs that are specific for a small number of birds. The design layout that you would select should provide enough room for your chickens in that they wouldn't feel cramped. 2. Are the details of the designs appropriate for the breed you have? If you plan on raising big, long-legged chickens, you really should choose coop designs that have higher roofs and can accommodate tall birds. 3. Are the designs right for your area's climate? If [more..]