Naturally Grown Gardens

As Autumn arrives, Naturel transforms by itself and decks up in splendid hues. It is an expression of untold attractiveness that needs to be witnessed, and felt because these kinds of loveliness cannot be imagined. The fragrance of that breezes by way of the air brings the smile back on the faces. The heart sings to the gorgeous tunes of Lifestyle and the calm mind falls in enjoy when yet again. It also signifies that is approaching and it is time to gear up for the . The milky spread of ‘Kaash" embraces the horizon and the sweet fragrance of ‘Shiuli' fills the air to mark the onset of celebrations of nine days. It is when Ma Durga, the Goddess of fertility, prosperity, goodness, courage and fact together with her kids is worshipped. Each inch of the home is cleaned and embellished to usher the new and the great. The scent of the fresh flowers fills the rooms and its unfazed elegance charms the zeal of lifestyle. It is as if the floral palette has changed the life-style for these nine days. The celebrations of Pujas get heightened and is aware no bounds if Birthday or Anniversary [more..]
A one minute demonstration on how to make a Lily out of paper and pipe cleaners. This simple, inexpensive craft would be great for Easter Lilies. Visit for written instrucitons and photos. [more..]
Are you a father-to-be who is expecting your first child very soon? And are you confused about what to gift your wife on that special day? Well! Here is the answer. You can present her with beautiful flower bouquet made of yellow roses. Yellow roses symbolize joy and gladness. Gift her a stunning flower bouquet and I’m sure she’ll not just love the flower bouquet but also the thought behind it. I tell this from my personal experience. I gifted yellow roses to my wife soon after she had delivered our daughter, and I still remember the look of joy on her face. She just couldn’t stop beaming with pride looking at the baby and the flower bouquet. This is really going to be a memorable occasion for both of you. So don’t miss the opportunity to express your love for her. Long stem rosesrender the freshness and the novelty within it. What better way to express your feelings than these beautiful roses? Gifting a flower bouquet of long stem roses is an unspoken way of expressing the feeling of pride and joy you feel at the moment. These flower arrangements will speak volumes of your love. Yellow [more..]
Who says you can only romance with roses? Tulips can express your feelings eloquently too. I was walking to my girlfriend’s house and we had our first tiff the previous evening. I was thinking of a peace offering that would lighten her mood and earn me one of her dazzling smiles. I walked past this flower shop and a splash of color had me stopping dead on my feet - a beautiful selection of tulips tastefully arranged in a bucket. Without a second thought I picked up these blossoms. As I walked towards her house I was already feeling my spirits rise. So, did I win that round? You bet I did. Her faced looked as bright (if not brighter) as those tulip flowers. For years, roses were the norm, but now people are picking other exotic varieties especially tulips as gifts of love. So, you can choose tulip flowers to woo your beloved. Beautiful tulip varieties picked fresh from a flower garden will do the trick. These gorgeous tulip flowers not only set the mood but add that dash of color to your room or spring garden. Tulip flowers are known for their pleasant aroma, they can keep [more..]
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Please read carefully; I am not asking for a Kawasaki Rose or other directions for 3-D flowers. I would really like (clear) directions for a flower or rose that I can paste on a letter and send, 100% flat. Thank you very much! [more..]