Naturally Grown Gardens

Home vegetable gardening unlike other procedures of vegetable gardening requires lesser area of concentration making the said task more inviting and more attractive to most homeowners in the city today. Besides that, such kind of home gardening does not require too much effort than that of the actual farming process that the actual soil tenders are making. Understandably, with lesser area to tend, the effort needed to keep the area growing is also lesser in application. For this particular fact, home vegetable gardening is even considered to be a hobby than a task. A hobby per se is described as particular activities that humans grow fond of making them less stressed and less agitated with the things that are happening to them. It has been found out through studies that those who are able to tend to their own home vegetable gardens have at least 34% higher chances of living longer than those who do not have their gardens at home? Why is this so? Home vegetable gardening gives the individuals a chance to realize the need to take care of their health [more..]
If you have a friend or relative that is an avid gardener, there is no more thoughtful gift than a garden gift basket for a holiday, birthday or anniversary present. At first, you may seem overwhelmed when shopping in your garden center or on the internet. There are a few things to consider when trying to find just the right "flavor" for your garden gift basket to give to the people who love to play in the dirt, so t speak. First you must determine how much you want to spend for the garden gift basket. After you have the dollar amount, walk through the aisles of the garden center to see what items are available. Of course, you could also do an internet search to see what the most popular tools and gadgets are selling. You will be surprised at the range of goods that are available from the inexpensive to the extravagant. Keep in mind that you will want to get quality products that will last so your friend or relative will have years of enjoyment. If your gardener is [more..]
Some individuals enjoy bird watching but prefer to do their bird watching in their back yard. Below is some advice on attracting wild birds to your back yard. Firstly it depends upon having wild birds in the general area where your house is located and then you can attract then to your backyard. The method used to attract the birds will depend upon what is the diet of the bird. If the bird is a nectar feeder e.g. bananaquits or hummingbirds, then large flowering plants will attract them. Hummingbird bills are perfectly adapted to the various types of flowers that they feed on, so different types of flowers will attract different hummingbirds. Some hummingbirds have especially curved or elongated bills that allow them to feed on special flowers, eg the White-tipped Sicklebill hummingbird whose downward curving bill allows it to draw nectar from heliconias. The Ruby-Topaz Hummingbird has a short and slightly decurved bill that is suited to feeding on the flowers of the ixora shrub. The Blue-tailed Emerald has a short bill that is suited for feeding on the Hibiscus flower. [more..]
A different honeymoon in St Lucia or a tropical wedding destination as well, check out Crystals at Soufriere for a very different Tropical Wedding or honeymoonWhen couples think about having a honeymoon in St Lucia, or perhaps St Lucia is their preferred wedding destination as well, the big question is where to go on this magical island.It might seem logical to pick somewhere like Sandals with their obvious expertise, but the last thing you want for a wedding is to be in a production line of seemingly endless couples tying the knot one after another.A different suggestion that will give you an intimate magical, very personal wedding is a small resort outside Soufriere called Crystals. It is lovely, hidden away in a lush tropical garden quite high up on the hillside outside Soufriere with spectacular views of the Pitons, the sea and the village.Crystals do wedding and honeymoon packages, and this small hideaway has the backdrop, the atmosphere to give you the wedding of your dreams, and make you feel so special on your special day.Looking at photographs of Crystals, one is reminded very much [more..]
Barbados, with its fantastic tropical ambiance, is one of the top Caribbean holiday destinations with a high percentage of repeat clientele. Visitors almost unanimously praise the beautiful beaches with their powdery white coral sands and turquoise waters, the friendly and intelligent people, and the modern amenities on the island. Whether you are looking for a holiday to just relax and keep busy doing nothing but lounging or planning an action packed holiday in the sun, Barbados can deliver. For those of you planning a quiet holiday there are plenty of hotels and apartment away from the traditional tourist areas where you can spend hours laying on the beach or go for a walk in lush tropical gardens, then there are the hotels situated in the heart of the tourist areas which are packed with restaurants, bars, waters sports centres, shopping and so much more. Accommodation in Barbados is so varied, in price, size and type of accommodation that you are sure to find what you are looking for, these include bed & breakfast inns, apartments, resorts and hotels. There are also many all-inclusive hotels available [more..]
You donâ??t have to live in the tropics to have a tropical themed garden or flowerbed.  You may not be able to grow the same exact plants that you could in South America, but you can imitate the theme and get some beautiful results. If you ask people what kinds of plants they think are in a tropical garden, they are not very likely to name anything specific beyond â??palm treeâ?.  But, if you ask for some words describing what a tropical garden looks like, then you are likely to get replies like lush, wet, bright flowers, full, flowing, fluorescent accents, big leaves and cascading vines. So you donâ??t actually need tropical plants to give a garden a tropical feel.  Bromeliads come to mind.   Some are actually pineapple shaped.  They have thick, green leaves and brightly colored centers.  Theyâ??re easy to grow in a variety of climates.  They are available in small or giant varieties. Ask a local nursery about which bromeliads will grow best in your climate.  Then determine whether you will want them in the sun or shade, certain varieties can grow [more..]