Naturally Grown Gardens

Just like me I am sure you have noticed the yards in front of different houses you drive by. Maybe you see them every morning on your commute to work, or perhaps you live across from someone with an immaculate yard. If you are like me then this should motivate you to spruce up your own yard. There are different looks and styles of landscape design out there today. I would like to discuss a couple of them. When we think of places like Arizona or the desert we think of brown sand and rocks. Some people have taken this idea and plunked it down in their yard. Personally I think it is a great effect! Picture this; you walk into the backyard of a house belonging to a friend, or relative. As you walk around the corner of their house you hear water splashing down. Once you are in the backyard you notice they have a waterfall pouring out from behind a rock formation. Not only is it a pleasant sound, but the appearance of a rock bed may be unusual, which makes it [more..]
  Designing planting beds can be a bit overwhelming if one does not know a lot about plants, their habits, sizes etc. When getting ready to design a bed, do some research first. Hit some local nurseries and check out lots of plants. Read the tags and ask questions. An independent nursery will usually be able to provide more information than a big box store. You will need the dimensions of the bed you are creating. A mix of evergreen (plants that do not lose their leaves) and deciduous (plants that lose their leaves in the winter) shrubs. Adding in some perennials or grasses will add color and interest. Plantings should have symmetry and balance. It is most visually pleasing to plant in odd numbers and carry the plants across the bed. Planting one shrub here and another there makes for a mis-mash. Our eye relates well to symmetry and reads naturally from side to side. Balance is the key to a good landscape design. This does not mean all the beds have to be filled with the same material, however, carrying one or two [more..]
Designing an Arizona landscape isn't easy, especially when you try to do it on your own! This article will provide you with useful tips that will help you hire the best AZ landscape design company that could save you time, money and a headache. The following information will be beneficial to you and will help you avoid costly mistakes, no matter the size or scope of your project. Whether you're looking to add functionality and beauty to an empty space or to fix eyesores from an old design, you need to hire a professional. Landscape design is just as important as that of a home or building. It can increase the value of your property dramatically if it's done correctly. That's why choosing the best AZ landscape design company is crucial. Many times, your landscaping is the first impression people get when they see your home or business. A professional landscape designer will work with you to assess your entire property from front to back, and then provide you with a design that makes everything flow perfectly. Here are some tips that will [more..]
Home landscape design matters. A study commissioned by the Professional Landcare Network states it in financial terms: Homes that have been professionally landscaped bring 15-20 percent more upon resale than those with no home landscape design. From an aesthetic viewpoint, it delivers pleasure. "The importance of home landscape design is that it creates an experience and evokes emotion as you come up to the house," says Jeff Halper, home landscape design specialist with Exterior Worlds. "Additionally, it supports and enhances the architecture of the home."Home Landscape Design: The Steps? Planning. This phase is where you get to dream. While you dream, you want to factor in how you and your family live in the space. Will your landscape design fit your needs, whether that means a pool for the kids, an herb garden or seating space for lots of guests? Would you like a outdoor kitchen for entertaining or the visual and auditory pleasures of an outdoor water fountain? What qualities do you want to bring to your landscape-do you prefer lots of color, variations on one color theme or the more subtle effect of [more..]
As many people have an interest in changing how their gardens look you will find that in addition to professional landscape firms there is another way to create a new look for your garden. This entails the use of a professional landscape design software program. You will find that these types of programs are useful for the professional landscaper as well as the home gardener. With landscaping software you will be able to envision the best modifications to do in your garden without the high price of costly mistakes. The various features in a professional landscaping design software also allows you to see what your garden would be like if you were to raise or lower different sections of the garden. You could see about adding stylized themes in different parts of the garden. Another benefit to using a professional landscaping design software is that you can choose from a variety of different plants, trees, lighting and ornamental accessories with which you can transform the look of the garden. You may even be able to preview how your garden will look with the addition of a [more..]
"The aspect of aesthetics is greatly in demand these days than before. We cannot blame people who yearn to create a scenic view in their homes. Itâ??s natural for everybody to want an attractive and pleasing home. In Long Island, everyone performs varying landscape designs as a form of lawn maintenance to improve their surroundings. Contrary to the notion of a selected few, landscaping is a need not just a whim. Every one of us aspires for a better home so that our family can live in style and comfort. Performing a landscape design in Long Island is not easy. It is achievable though through the diligence of landscape design experts in Nassau County. Knowledgeable and armed with state-of-the-art tools, they are unquestionably the right folks to depend on. Stop envying your neighborâ??s fabulous landscape design in Suffolk because you can have that, too. Why donâ??t you consult a landscape design contractor in Long Island NY? Having the knowledge in the area of landscape, he can definitely provide solutions to your backyard that is currently in disarray and transform it to paradise. [more..]