Naturally Grown Gardens

How do I go about pressing rose petals as I don't just want to throw away roses I was given. Do the flowers need to be still fresh or does it still work if they are not? Thanks for all the answers! [more..]
People are looking more and more for ways to go green and solar power lights are one way to do this. There are many styles and applications already on the market. You can dress up a flower garden or light your pathway with efficient clean energy solar power lights.Garden Solar Power LightsIf you want to liven up your beautiful garden at night there is no better tool than lighting. The problem is traditional lights require wiring that the lawnmower will do quite a number on. In addition once you run all that wiring the lights are permanent, so should you decide you want to highlight some fall foliage it is a huge undertaking.With solar lamps, there are no wires and best of all no use of electricity produced by fossil fuels. This gives you much more latitude in your designs and re-designs. Simply pull up the light stakes and move it across the garden, nothing could be simpler.Walkway / Driveway Solar Power LightsEver come home late at night and stumble up the walk because you cannot see the path? Solar power lights are a great application here as well. Some of the same reasons from above apply, ease of use [more..]
Does this sound familiar? You have been dreaming of being a home owner and have just moved into your house. You look outside at your backyard and suddenly realize there are no trees, there is no lawn and there is nothing but a lot of dirt. It's not the wonderful backyard you grew up with and you feel pressured to have the same or better than what your parents or grandparents had accomplished. For many this is the first hint that something called work is involved. If it isn't handled properly, this can lead to some serious long term relationship issues in your household. Here are some valuable tips to make your dirt pile into your personal retreat.1. Survey your turfWalk around your lot as a family. Look at how the road looks or the rest of the houses look from different vantage points. This also means that if you can see these things, you also can be seen from those places back into your yard. Note which way the wind usually blows around your house and yard. You will get a sense of what is a sheltered or exposed part of your yard. Note where the sun rises and [more..]
The flower appear to have turned brown before they bloom. [more..]
Everyone seems to make the house the normal way, just bedrooms, closets, bathroom, kitchen, etc... But I don't want a house like this, I want my house to have MORE THINGS! A house that dosn't depends of the water and electrical service or depending of the grocery store service!, I don't know if this can be possible, any idea? Here are mines: It will be a subteranean house, will have its own garden (Inside the house, a HUGE room with a especial roof) There will be fruits trees and vegetals! There will be solar panels and 2 water tanks (those will depend of rain and subteranean water) It can also re-use the used water, cleaned and than use it again! The laundry will be inside, the cloth will dry INSIDE the house, there will be a library and a huge room to stock food and stuff for any future need, a air cleaner, the air that come INSIDE the house will be cleaned etc etc and also it will have a pond for fish etc... Any ideas? can this be possible or is to much fantasy? [more..]
Garden benches are benches that have low sunk seats and are used by people, who like to sit and enjoy the serenity or their gardens. Garden benches can either have back rests or be backless. The backless ones are the most simple and versatile benches. Backless garden benches usually have the lower points of their seats directly in the centre so that one can be allowed to enjoy an open view in all directions without any obstruction. These benches are very comfortable inspite of being without a backrest and give a nestled effect to the sitting.Most backless benches are made of naturally available materials like cedar, bamboo, stone or teak that helps in giving them a natural look, which is usually in synchronization with the feel of the garden. These benches are made of naturally available materials because their main aim is to beautifully fit in the gardens, without looking out of place. As a result of their being made of naturally available materials, these are mostly weather resistant and can endure all the hardships inflicted upon them due to adverse weather conditions. Stone backless garden benches tend to last longer than the ones made out of wood, as the [more..]