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I just saw one that's usually beautiful, now it's covered in plastic & duct tape. [more..]
I have a unique line of garden plaques I've designed. I'm having them made in China and will be receiving my first shipment in March. How do I find responsible people to sell them? I'm 57 years old with a lot of business experience. I'm putting the money necessary into this so I can support legitimate sales efforts. The product is simple, attractive and totally unique. I currently have four different designs but could potentially offer 100's more in the same vein. Recurring sales to the same retail customer are very likely. The product would also be an excellent fund-raiser for schools and religious organizations. The potential is truly unlimited. Talk about a "ground-floor opportunity".... [more..]
I saw at Lowes some nice garden water found kits and got a question. Do I have to have an electrician install underground electrical lines to the fountain pump or can I just use an outdoor extension plug [more..]
Your garden can be a manifestation of your own creativity. It is no longer a place where you plant fruits and vegetables. If you would like to add a little more life and enhance the look of your garden opt for interesting garden designs. Before you go ahead with some garden designs, you may like to keep some guidelines in mind to for better synchrony of your surroundings: The Golden Rule The key to innovative garden designs is a simple rule. THINK BEFORE YOU PLANT. Plan your garden in sync with the look of your house to make a cohesive unit that is in harmony with each other. Discover The Purpose Prior to finalizing your garden designs, you may like to consider how the garden would be used. Would you like to enhance the view of the house or would you like to entertain guests? Would little children be comfortable playing in your garden or would senior citizens love taking a walk there? Would your garden occupy private space or would it be in public view? It would really help if you finalized the main purpose of your garden, and then proceeded to design it. Landscape Matters Opt for garden designs that compliment the landscape [more..]
Many people enjoy gardening and caring for their lawns as a hobby, making a beautiful outdoor space with one's own thoughts, ideas, and work is very rewarding. Making a beautiful landscape garden design can be difficult for new gardeners or for some experienced gardeners as well.Making a landscape garden design implies grafting a plant for each walkway, garden bed, tree, rock, and blade of grass to create the perfect outdoor space. This can seem like an overwhelming or daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. There are very basic forms that can be followed to make the space seem just right without taking so much work that it isn't fun anymore.Themed GardensMost landscape garden designs are based on a theme of some sort; it could be birds, relaxation, fragrance, a favorite plant or flower, a favorite color, or just about anything else. The point of a theme is to create a pattern and point of interest with in the landscape garden design to hold the viewer's attention.This can be accomplished subtlety or with obvious focal point. The key is pattern and repetition. The human [more..]
Are you looking for good garden design advice in Tucson, Arizona? Perhaps some of the best advice is on how to prevent the spread of destructive pests in your garden! This article will provide you with garden design tips that will help you cultivate and protect your crops. Whether you're looking to grow edible plants or beautiful flowers, the following information will be beneficial to you. Garden Design Advice for Tucson: Raise Companion Plants That Thwart the Spread of Destructive Pests: Dills for cabbages. The number one enemy of plants belonging to the cabbage family is the cabbageworm. These tiny creatures bore holes into the cabbage plants, making them useless for consumption or trading. Dills are plants that attract Tachinid flies that feed on cabbageworms and their eggs. Dills are known to be permanent solutions to the problems caused by unwanted cabbageworms. Tomatoes for cabbages. Some moths feed on cabbage foliage as well, creating the same problems as those brought on by cabbageworms. Worse, moths produce larvae at such a rapid pace that a full-blown invasion is almost always [more..]