Naturally Grown Gardens

Garden design plans are best developed with the help of a professional landscaping contractor with formal training in botany and landscape architecture. Gardens are key components to any yard and contribute much more than color and greenery to the aesthetic of your home and your landscape. When designed in accordance with a master landscaping plan that reflects the entirety of your living experience, gardens accomplish a number of things for your property that add vitality and dimension to your outdoor living experience.One of the many ways we help our clients is to develop garden design plans that directly reflect the architecture of the home. Our experience has taught us that this is often a much neglected ingredient of garden design. When people view your property, they view it as an entirety. They notice the home first because it is the largest and tallest structure on the lot. Whatever unique structural features characterize its architecture set a pattern that the mind expects to see continue as they eye travels down the slope of the roof into the surrounding greenery. A garden design planned around the same basic geometric patterns and linear movement [more..]
Vegetable garden design is vital as you start planting vegetable gardens, because it's important to know how the garden will be laid out. Companion planting, planting space, and what type of vegetables you want to plant are all elements that must be considered when putting together your garden layout. Here are some helpful tips on how to plan your own garden and start planting vegetables. Take Time to Sit Down and Plan Before choosing a vegetable garden design you need to decide on what variety of vegetables you would like to plant and where you would like to place them. Here are additional factors you need to consider for your garden layout: * Type of Vegetables * Amount of Light in the Space * Drainage System * Soil Amendments * Garden Space * Additional Space (if needed) You also need to think about whether you want to plant a variety of vegetables, or you want to grow one type of vegetable. Researching about the amount of light certain vegetables need, and the amount of space needed are both vital facts that need to be considered. Make a list of vegetable plants [more..]
You might have seen Botanical Gardens in your native country, or in your previous travels, however there are only a few Botanical Gardens in the world that have something extremely unique and special about them. The Botanical Garden "Kirstenbosch" is one such special place that is an ‘all in one' attraction. It is a prominent and must visit attraction in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. In this Article, I am just writing an overview of the Botanical Garden Cape Town that will help you make your trip special and memorable. Location: Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens is located along the Rhodes Drive, Newlands, Cape Town Couth Africa. Opening Times: Its open daily from 8AM to 6PM. However from September to March, it remains open till 7 in the evening. Landscape / Location: The landscape or location of this Garden is its most special feature. It offers a stunning view of the city, a quite atmosphere at the back side of Table Mountain. What to Expect: Its easy to imagine, what a collection of South African most exquisite flora and fauna will look like when nestled across the Table Mountain in a heavenly landscape. Moreover, it offers diverse and beautiful plants [more..]
Growing herbs as been a popular activity throughout history dating back to the Bible. Producing herbs in ones home herb garden has always been a time tested method of assuring a constant supply on these fine flavorful plants.This took a backdrop with the enduring popularity of convenient food stores and mass manufacturing of these ''products", however, actually there is a strong resurgence of interest in the joy of creating and maintaining a personal home herb garden. The pleasure and excitement of growing herbs has been rediscovered and is even practiced in small apartments in urban areas.Returning to this wonderful and practical hobby can be for many different reasons. The home herb garden can be cultivated for economical reasons, freshness and availability of the product, the scents and flavors associated with having herbs growing in your environment. There are many other reasons that can be attributed to this pastime if not simply for the sheer pleasure of seeing these beautiful plants come to life in your environment.If you are among the newly initiated, you may have to do a little homework to start you off in the right direction. There is a [more..]
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A uniquely tropical area of greenery nestled over an area of nearly 52 hectares; this luxuriant attraction is located close to the city centre. The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a cynosure of the country, which has been around for nearly 150 years. Founded in 1859 by the Agri-Horticultural Society, this beautiful land of shrubbery and foliage is the centre point for many attractions in Singapore.The Singapore Botanic Grandees is home to many attractions, which will leave visitors awestruck. These attractions include The National Orchid Garden, Rainforest, Evolution Garden, Ginger Garden, Botany Centre and Tanglin Gate, Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, Saraca Stream Walk and the resident lakes that are Symphony Lake, Eco-Lake and Swan Lake. The National Orchid Garden is home to a magnificent array of orchid variants. With over twenty thousand orchids showcased, it is home to several mini attractions throughout this beautiful area of the garden. These include The Burkill Hall & VIP Orchid Gardens, Orchidarium, Tan Hoon Siang Misthouse, Lady Yuen-Peng McNeice Bromeliad House and the Coolhouse. The The Burkill Hall & VIP Orchid Gardens, which used to be the plantation bungalow of the Burkill family, now is host [more..]