Naturally Grown Gardens

What are some good garden ideas for a front porch with pillars and around the mail box and an out door shed 9x12, any answers would be of great help being that I am a first time homeowner and all this is new to me. [more..]
Joel explains how he made his raised greenhouse garden bed to protect the fresh produce he grows year round in Paso Robles, CA from gophers and the frost of winter. Find out more at! [more..]
Learn ideas for designing your vegetable garden in this free online video guide to vegetable gardening. Expert: Scott Reil Contact: Bio: Scott Reil is an accredited nurseryman and longtime horticulturalist with over two decades of experience in the field. Scott is now working for Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso [more..]
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Its the start of my novel. This part, part one, introduces the main character Ana. Part two introduces Mae, who she then falls in love with and I won't give away any more. To read more of this story, go to:;_ylt=AimF_lvX2MCwkJelM7dVgvfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090704161058AA2WAsH The time of year was unseasonably warm for the city of Pallaidia. The winter’s snow usually fell like grey bricks on the aged buildings, coating them with rat-grey ice, until the spring thaw let them emerge, sometimes as completely new buildings. The Lord’s Houses and the Palace were the only buildings that ever stayed uncovered by the snow, due to the toil of thousands of servants. This was the time of year the vagrants of the city, who almost outnumbered those with secure homes, sought shelter in abandoned buildings, in porches or under bridges. That was why the bench in the Great Garden was unoccupied; save for a small brownish lump, which on closer inspection was a child. That was also how the Guild of Assassins found its newest neophyte. Two figures cloaked in shadow sat on another bench, conversing in whispers. “The child obviously has nowhere to go,” hissed a young, female voice. “We cannot risk another spy, Endra,” whispered a [more..]
Feel free to change words or sentences I was passing a really ugly period of my life, now to live seemed to me useless, what had happened to me in the last times was for me something unbearable, ugly, it was destroying me. All the people near to me were worried for my health: I didn't go out, I didn't eat and I was in a perennial confusional condition. To try to improve my situation my best friend proposed me to make a vacation lodging for a week in her vacations house, a delicious cottage placed near a lake, in an isolated and completely uninhabited zone during that period of the year. I accepted only for doing her happy, honestly I didn't see anything of profit. Of the first days I don't almost remember anything... I was touching the apex of my desperation, the only things that I remember were that I often stopped watching the lake, sitting on a bench situated in the garden of the residence, observing what surrounded me, reflecting on the cruelty of the life shedding litres of tears. They have been ugly and difficult days, but suddenly something very strange happened to [more..]