Naturally Grown Gardens

Garden lighting is an essential element to your outdoor garden design. Many people enjoy relaxing by their gardens during the evening hours; however, this activity is greatly hindered without proper garden lighting. Not only is your choice of garden lighting critical for the design elements of your garden, it is also practical. When the sun goes down and darkness descends upon your backyard, your garden area becomes unsafe. Choosing garden lighting is essential for ensuring that those who relax in your backyard during evening hours have ample light for seeing, walking, and enjoying the beauty of your garden. One of the joys of having a garden is gathering with friends during late night hours. If you have a pool, you will definitely want to ensure that the surrounding area is lit up and that there is a clearly lit path to the garden as well as the pool. This not only prevents accidents but also adds beauty as the waters reflect the glow of the lights. You don’t need to keep your backyard or garden area lit up as if the noonday sun has just appeared, but you will want to provide enough [more..]
A garden arbor is a type of garden structure that invites and entices people into your home landscape design by giving vertical depth to your garden landscape. As a classic element within landscape architecture, arbors provide a cozy feeling of enclosure without boxing you in. When used as a functional structure, arbors support climbing roses, vines and other plants. You can also use them simply in a decorative way, to make an opening that pulls your guests out into your landscape.A Garden Arbor: UsesPerhaps the priority of your landscape garden design is gardening and thus you want to support a particular kind of plant. Garden arbors give your vined plants a secure place to grow. Arbors make a great addition to any garden as they showcase beautiful flowers and make them easy to admire and view. When displayed at eye level and above, your prized plants are more easily seen so that guests can appreciate the care and cultivation that went into their growth. Plants that work well with arbors are roses, ivy, clematis, grapes and wisteria.Other landscaping ideas with arbors include pairing them with a beautiful trellis or garden gazebo that creates a focal point to draw the eye [more..]
I would think this would be possible but I haven't been able to find any info on the internet. There are always tons of pallets being thrown away and I thought this would be one way to use the wood that is still usable, and thus being 'green'. Has anyone ever done this project? Where would I go for more info/plans? Thanks! [more..]
Garden is a big area. How can i use different solar garden lights to light up my whole garden? [more..]
If you're thinking about some new ideas for your landscape garden design, Exterior Worlds has plenty of good ones to get you started. Just dive in and start planning.Landscape Garden Design: Gathering Places & Focal PointsYour landscape will be more interesting and enjoyable if you consider:Â? Outdoor kitchens. These structures create a focal point for your yard and, similar to the kitchen inside the home, become a natural gathering place. It is imperative that you have a good layout so that all your appliances fit and are convenient for use. Landscape designers and landscape architects will help you during the planning phase to check your deed restrictions concerning rules regulating such items as size, lot coverage percentages, height, and color materials.Â? Patio design. A patio creates a transition space between the house and the yard. Depending on your preference, your patio design can run the gamut from an elegant open-air greenhouse to an outdoor living room. Patios affect the emotional and physical space of the interior by changing the view out the window.Â? Landscape lighting. Expertise is essential in landscape lighting design, planning and installation. [more..]
The major feature to any landscape is the attraction of the eye to it. Therefore, in planning your landscape, think about how your landscape can "stand out" from others in your area. The use of less common and "interesting" plants and a design that "draws the eye to it" will achieve this. Either you can hire a landscape designer or, if you feel confident enough to do it yourself, buy some landscaping software or books and put it all on paper. You don't have to do your whole plan all at once, but it's important to get everything down on paper so you have a unified vision of what you want to do, planning is vital. Where is your future garden located? Is it visible to neighborhood, or to your eyes only? Does it receive full sun, or is it shaded part of the day? What is the soil type? All of these factors need to be considered during your planning phase, and will help you out with your plant choices. Think about the entire space and the overall effect you want to achieve. Don't limit your ideas [more..]