Naturally Grown Gardens

We hope that you find our advice useful; however, the most important tip is to listen to your intuition.A special feature of a classical feng shui garden is having a pond, pool, or fountain in the center of it. Any body of water (natural or artificial) will increase the good Chi energy in the garden. The most crucial point is to keep the water clean, clear, and fresh. Stagnant water attracts the destructive Sha instead of the positive Chi energy. The traditional feng shui says that the optimum home location is on a small hill next to a splashing brook or small river, which brings Chi into the house.Try to ensure that the garden's view from the windows is attractive in every season. The garden should be set up to be welcoming for you and your guests. Try to avoid having tools, bikes, or garbage containers in your garden, as they disrupt the harmony. It is advisable to have a bench next to your entrance door - it's practical and attractive. A harmonious space in front of your house will promote the Chi, and help it flow from your garden into your home.A feng shui garden can have beds with [more..]
What is Hydroponic Gardening These days, when the humanity faces many challenges, associated with natural resources depletion, bad ecology and many health problems, stemming out of the wrong food choices, it is, perhaps, the best time ever to return to natural ways of producing food for the sake of our own and our planet. It was a common practice for our ancestors to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers for their own needs. Nowadays, the natural way of growing plants reappears with hydroponics as the particular technique, which makes plant cultivation possible even in urban areas without the use of soil. With more and more people involved, hydroponic gardening develops rapidly these days. Irrespectively to whether it is your hobby or professional activity, indoor gardening brings significant benefits for all. Hydroponic and soil indoor gardening - The World of Gardening for the Future If you are only making your first steps in mastering the art of hydroponic gardening, our site will become a valuable resource for you. Our hydroponic library is a source of theory on the basics of indoor plants growing, and our shop is a one-stop destination to find everything you need for your hydroponic needs, starting from [more..]
Speaking of properties for commercial, they need a mixture of visual and handy lighting tools. Well selected commercial lights can alter your business into one that clients are willing to stopover, or business surroundings that workers get there at each morning in high spirits. Good sign lighting can have a big effect on the visualization. Check out for your selection of commercial fluorescent lighting.
The front of my house looks out onto a wood/field area. Over the past 3 years, a couple of trees have began to get rather large to the point that they are blocking light into my garden and windows, (I have no central heating & rely on the suns heat). The bushes are around 25ft and people in the local area fly tip under them & its normally my neighbours & I who end up cleaning up, (its an out of sight, out of mind situation for our council) I called the council who told me that they haven't got the funding to clear the area and because there is no road outside my house the trees are not dangerous. I've already told them that i have been trimming the trees and bushes & he didn't have a problem with this, he called it 'me managing the area' which annoyed me. I'd like to know, if I hired a chainsaw and cut down a couple of the trees, and trimmed the bushes to 6ft myself, would it be illegal? [more..]
Organic horticulture employs the crucial principles of organic agriculture for the successful herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants growing. These principles concern the management of pests in the garden, soil composition and conservation, etc. General Notes Mulches, Double Digging, compost, Vermicompost, cover crops, mineral supplements and manures are the main constituents of the soil mixture in this kind of gardening in contrast to the commercial farming. Organic horticulture expects to minimize the risk of insects, fungi, and diseases development with the help of maintaining the high quality of the soil. Nonetheless, sometimes it is still necessary to use insecticidal soaps and sprays, pheromone traps, or other pest-control means, created especially for organic farmers. Experts define five fields of horticulture: -           olericulture, which stands for the production and marketing of vegetables; -           pomology that means the production and marketing of fruits; -           floriculture, which is the production and marketing of floral crops; -           landscape horticulture that includes the production, marketing, and      maintenance of landscape plants; -           and finally, post harvest physiology that studies and practices the preservation and maintaining of the quality of horticultural crops All these areas can utilize the key principles of organic gardening. Organic horticulture employs the [more..]
If you have been living in town all along and have now moved into a your own cottage then you will probably not have too much knowledge of beating back the forest which is threatening to overtake your whole garden and encroaching on every conceivable spot of ground. You will now have to get yourself some gardening supplies for the trees, bushes, lawn and also the walkways so that you can keep a well maintained area surrounding your home. Supplies which you will need for your home garden An expanse of green in your garden is something that everyone appreciates but if you have an overgrown unkempt yard then you could be liable to pay a fine in some cities. To make sure that your lawn is kept well mowed you should get yourself a lawn mower that either is powered by gasoline or by electricity. This is one of the most used tools in your garden and you should get one that is hardy and can maintain your lawn well. You will have to decide on the size of the mower according to the amount of lawn that you have. If you [more..]