Naturally Grown Gardens

Feng Shui and Water Features Feng Shui (translated literally means wind and water), dating back over 5000 years, is the ancient Chinese art of positioning objects for harmony and balance in the environment. Water plays an important part in this traditional belief. Water is equated with the flow of Chi which is the energy or life force of the universe, believed to be present in all living things. Where Chi flows freely and accumulates there is health, abundance and prosperity. Where Chi stagnates there is illness and decay. The positive flow of Chi is vital to a garden and its movement throughout should be free and uninhibited. Barriers to Chi must be removed and in cases where this is impracticable Feng Shui cures can be employed to allow for the smooth flow if Chi. On the flip side Chi flowing too fast through a garden is just as unsettling. Water can be used to slow down or speed up the flow of this powerful life force and can be introduced to your garden via a pond, fountain, water feature or waterfall. There are a few simple principles to follow when establishing a water feature in your garden: • The best position for a water feature [more..]
Electricity and Water Features Water and electricity DO NOT MIX and since most water features require an electricity supply it is crucial to take precautions to ensure the safety of anyone in the vicinity of the feature. Since it is much easier and also SAFER to install the electricity before construction of your water feature is complete, this should be done in the initial stages. The need for safety in outdoor electrical installations is apparent, thus, all electrical work must be carried out by a licensed electrician. Before any electrical work commences check that the electrician: • Is licensed (ask to see the licence) • Will provide you with a Certificate of Compliance NEVER use makeshift wiring for outdoor installations, it is simply dangerous! Pond Pumps Incorrectly installed or damaged 240 V electrical water pumps in garden ponds, may create a serious electric shock risk in and around the pond, resulting in injury or death. This is because the risk of electric shock is higher in the presence of water. A 240 V pond pump should be: • good quality and be purchased from a reputable retailer • protected by an Safety Switch (RCD), that is tested by means of the [more..]
When you want to have an indoor water fountain you can choose the very elegant fountains that look like a wall of water. The wall water features that you can choose from are those mounted on a wall or ones that are freestanding. In indoor settings the main focus is the design and the structure of the fountain with the water cascading over a wall inside the structure. As outdoor landscape elements, such large fountains ( have the flowing water as the main focus of the display.The water in wall water features actually plays a secondary role to the framework and is used to enhance the animation of the piece. Such displays are pieces of art in themselves with the gentle sounds of the water intended to bring a sense of peace. They are generally sculptured pieces intended to enhance the beauty of the interior or exterior of your home.When you think of wall water features you have to think of the benefits of having one of these fountains inside your home. They help to create a soothing environment, which is why you will [more..]
One of the most interesting functionalities of a water feature is laying out a haven for plants. What if you transform a part of your long and wide patio into a beautiful pond or lagoon? That would be an exciting way to widen your planting enthusiasm with the addition of different water and moisture- loving plants.Plants have following roles for water features:They keep the water healthy: The right plants can effectively take the role of a pump, filter or fountain in keeping the water in the pond clean. Plants submerged release oxygen into the water needed for fish. Keeping the right balance in the use of water plants is important to keep the water clean. Too many wide-leaf plants can clog the water, on the other hand too few plants makes the water slimy and green and promotes the growth of green algae, because the sunlight easily penetrates the water.Plants and Food Cycles in the Water Feature: There is an application of ?Symbiosis? where in which both plants and animals benefit from each other naturally. Plants produce oxygen. (Take note: only green plants produce oxygen [more..]
Specialized companies have realized that the global temperatures are on the rise, powerful cities such as Melbourne being affected by the weather changes. Soon, more and more people will be interested in purchasing water tanks and pumps, in order to have access to all the water they need.In many situations, water tanks Melbourne and even garden pumps are used to protect oneself against different types of fires. While this is true, the main purpose of garden pumps remains watering ones garden. At the same time, water tanks Melbourne can be used in order to change the water in your pool, to add fresh water to your fish pond and even to keep the beautiful garden you have in your garden flowing. All of these represent sensible reasons why you should be interested in water tanks. As for indoor water features, these represent a way to relax yourself and forget all about your worries, as you will see in the last part of the article.Most people are interested in water tanks as they want to use them for rain water collection. Others are more attracted to [more..]
One way to catch a prospective buyer's attention to your listing is to mention the water feature that is installed in your back yard. We all love them, especially when they are already set up and running. There are many reasons why a water feature draws everyone's attention, including the hypnotic effect of watching the never ending motion of water; it is said that the sound of running water is relaxing. Many people are hesitant to install a pond into their yard. Often they, or their children, have young tots that could fall into the pond and drown. However, there is another solution, if you can forego the goldfish, which is safe even for young children. The sound of running water and the idea of a water feature in your yard can be satisfied by assembling a pebble fountain in your back yard. This will take a simple reservoir, a small pump which comes with container and lid (or find your own) and pebbles! The quickest way to go about this is to buy a DIY water feature pack and you will have everything you need. If [more..]