Naturally Grown Gardens

All of the books I have read, say that you MUST use certified seed potatoes. Is there any reason I shouldn't seed out some of the organic fingerling potatoes I already have? I can understand not using regular storebought potatoes, but shouldn't organic be okay? Same question about sweet potatoes. Any tips or advice will be appreciated! [more..]
Have full sun potted plants that barely survive New England winters,lighting in windows stinks!! I need the most light for my money,to buy and operate. [more..]
And sit on their bench, would it be legal for them to physically remove you? I ask this question because in the UK if a group of travellers move onto a field unauthorised, they can only be removed by court order. It would be illegal to get a private security firm to remove them. So, does the same work for tresspassers? The USA is a very different world compared to most countries. [more..]
Hi, I'm starting my first garden in my back yard, It consists of vegtables and a blueberry bush with a 4 foot gated fence.I have a 4 year old Husky Shepherd mix who lives in my back yard and who is very nosey and gets into everything and enything and can jump very high fences. I also have a english bulldog who is very lazy but can reach things on tables and benches but can not jump fences. I'm concerned about the Husky Shepherd mix jumping the fence and destroying my garden by eating it and urinating all over it. Now what my question is how do I keep him from geting into my garden and destrying it? any advice would be appreciated thank you. [more..]
I got melon, cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberries, green pepper, tomato, cucumber, carrot, sweet corn, spinach and lettuce. Questions: 1. How do I prepare the soil? 2. Would should the layout of my garden be so that it would be easy for me harvest? Into squares? rows? 3. Should I put a fence around it because I have a dog and cats? I sort of have an unlimited space for a garden. So size of a garden isn't an issue... [more..]
Solar powered landscape lighting is becoming a common addition to many people's homes and yards. These lights add a distinctive ambiance to your yard during evenings. They are also great decorations and can be fairly practical as well.You may think that solar powered lights are complicated to use, then you've certainly got it wrong. These kind of lights are very easy to use and can give you a lot of benefits, just the same with non-solar powered lights.BenefitsThese type of lights have become popular due to a variety of reasons. The fact that, these lights are using solar power, is very appealing to people. It does not only benefit the environment, but is easier on your electric bill as well. Solar landscape lighting is also easier to install, compared to traditional wired lights.Beauty From The SunOne of the most frequently bought forms of outdoor lighting are solar powered lights with decorative accent. These lights come in a diversity of sizes, shapes and colors. If you position them correctly, they can serve a sensible purpose of illuminating a dark area. However, usually they are made for the use of decorative purposes.If you are searching for a striking way to put some [more..]