Naturally Grown Gardens

We are considering adding a garden to our backyard, and we understand we need a pump. The place where we want the pond is too far away from the house to be grid powered. We considered solar and wind powered pumps, but we don't have enough sun or wind. I was wondering if there is a working perpetual machine, such as a perpetual water wheel. If so, can u send me a picture/video. THANKS!!! [more..]
I have a piece of property that is just barren and love sunflowers, but I always have trouble growing them, even from seed in a pot. I want to grow alot of those huge giant ones. Any suggestions? [more..]
Energy costs have been on the rise for a good few years now. In fact they have always been on the rise but, of late, that rise seems to be a bit steeper than normal. This is mainly because of the concerns over the use of fossil fuels. Fossils fuels are running out, yet the demand of energy seems to be increasing all the time. The developed nations consume more than their fair share of coal, oil and gas but it's developing countries like China and India that are now increasing their demands for energy. This trend in high fossil fuels will not abate so alternatives are being explored both by governments and individuals alike.Governments tend to be leaning towards nuclear energy as chief source of energy supplies because they feel that it is a more scalable solution despite the average person feeling that nuclear power is unsafe.Individuals tend to lean towards sustainable or renewable sources of energy because they want to save money on the energy bills and they feel that renewable energy sources are a cleaner way to produce and consume energy. A popular renewable energy source is the sun. The sun's energy can be utilized through solar [more..]
There are various tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers and lettuces growing from seed. [more..]
The sun can do much more than make your flowers and plants grow in your garden. It can also provide power to a fountain that will look great and will add beauty to your garden. There are many solar garden fountains to choose from and you're sure to find one that will provide utmost charm and elegance to your garden.These solar powered garden fountains operate from the suns power and require no electricity. No power lines and cables make them safer for the kids and pets. They are also completely self sufficient and require very little installation efforts.Solar powered yard fountains are far from conventional but are definitely gaining in popularity due to their ease and self sufficiency. The style and elegance of the solar powered fountains are surprising to most and definitely can add a lot to your garden without the high price of installing a contemporary water fountain. There has also been a drastic improvement in the pumping technology which has really optimized the solar fountains.The gentle sound of running water will really help relax and ease your stress after a hard day of work. The solar garden fountains also come equipped with everything you need including the [more..]
On the right hand corner [more..]